General Information

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General Information

Details of Location: We require a flat concrete or tarmacked surface. Please include a map link to the event site where possible.

Arrival Time Before Event: We require access to the site of the event the day before the event starts in order to set up the cinema and test the films.

Deposit: All bookings are only confirmed on upon the receipt of a 50% deposit.  The full amount must be paid a minimum of one week before the event takes place.

Cancellation: We require at least 21 days’ notice of cancellation; any less than this and you forfeit your deposit.

Film/Presentation Formats: Our projection booth is equipped to play most digital formats as well as Blu Ray, DVD and laptop presentations. Please ask for more technical information. 

All film materials and presentation formats must be confirmed with us at least 1 week before your event and all presentation materials must be provided on arrival at site to enable testing.

Number of Films and Duration: Please specify number of films per day and duration of each screening. Please note a break will be required for projectionist in your schedule.

Capacity and Access: The Cinema has a maximum seating capacity of 96. There is ramp access to the Cinema and space to accommodate two wheelchairs.

Due to the volume of enquiries, it may take up to 48 hrs ,Monday - Friday for a reply, but we do endeavour to get back to you before this.

Provision of Toilets: The provision of toilets is the responsibility of the client.

Ticketing: Clients must take responsibility for ticketing of events. Personnel must be provided to check tickets and supervise audiences. Road House will provide technical staff to operate the projection booth.

Smoking/Vaping: Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in the cinema.