Technical Details

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Technical Details

Screen Dimensions

The screen is a wraparound meaning there is no black masking around it. It is perforated to allow center audio through and is pearlescent white. It measures:

  • 4.7 meters wide
  • 2.0 meters high


Screening formats

Road House Cinema can screen in the following formats;

  • 2k DCP
  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • Laptop Presentation


Media Server

  • Road House Cinema is equipped with a GDC-2100A Server that holds up to 2TB of Data.
  • Movies can be loaded from USB Drives and CRU Drives.
  • Drives should be LINUX EXT2/EXT3 formatted.


The unit is equipped with;

  • 100 seats (96 seats and space for two wheelchairs)
  • Barco DP 1500 Projector
  • Sound – Dolby Digital Sound System
  • Screen 4.7m basis
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater