Extra Ordinary

Extra Ordinary

Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman

  • Director: Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman
    Starring: Maeve Higgins, Will Forte, Barry Ward
    Release Date: Fri 13 Sep 2019
  • 15A
  • 94


Rose is a sweet, lonely driving instructor with supernatural abilities called ‘The Talents’ that allow her to communicate with spirits. Rose has a love/hate relationship with her gifts and ignores the community’s requests to investigate bizarre happenings in town. When widower Martin, haunted by his nagging ex-wife Bonnie, contacts her for help she has to at least consider the job.


Meanwhile, aging rock star Christian Winter has a sinister plan for success – virgin sacrifice. This hilarious must-see comedy is filled with twists, turns, hilarity, exorcisms and haunted wheelie bins.