Perry Ogden, Paula Hughes, Mark Henderson

  • Director: Perry Ogden, Paula Hughes, Mark Henderson
    Starring: Ryan Owen, Lorna Foran, Aubrey O’Mahony
    Release Date: Thu 09 Jan 2020
  • UC
  • 14


Pálás is happy to present this film series in collaboration with PROJECT BAA BAA.

Fí, the breathtakingly beautiful fashion film by director Perry Ogden in association with art director Paula Hughes, has been wooing international audiences since it first screened at Showcase 2019. Fí weaves together Ireland’s extraordinary landscapes, the diverse faces of modern Ireland and exquisite home-grown fashion design by heritage companies and exciting contemporary designers alike. Featuring the work of esteemed photographer and film director Perry Ogden, in collaboration with stylist and art director Paula Hughes, the film Fí showcases world famous Irish vernacular designs interlaced with modern ideas, technology and contemporary flair.